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As an Art Director, do you find it challenging to add that extra touch of magic to your ideas? Look no further! Whether you need a TOY DESIGN, MAPS, GAMES, PICTURE BOOKS, or other CREATIVE PRODUCTS, let’s team up! I’m here to assist you to transform your vision into market-ready products that will ensure a successful launch!

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Kind words from clients are our rocket fuel...

It was a pleasure working with such an amazing artist/illustrator as Alistar — one who has a very high work ethic and a level of professionalism that goes well-above the norm. Thorough, considerate, skillful, talented, imaginative, and with quick solutions and ideas which helps with any type of deadline.

For me, Alistar reached the stars and beyond, and was truly fantastic to work with — stellar work indeed!

- Tracy D’Agostino // Art Director,
Meredith Parents Network // New York, NY // USA

Client: Lunchables // Kraft Foods Inc.

Alistar imagination and creativity is so immense and really brought our stories to life on the books we collaborated on. She lives in the stories and gives light to the characters. She is a dream to work with efficient, flexible with changes, and always full of ideas. I am fortunate to have worked with her and look forward to another opportunity.

- Jessie Cho // Design Manager
Educational Insights // Gardenia, CA // USA

Project: Ace & Kat Adventures Interactive set

Winner of The MOST POPULAR PRODUCT IN USA 2013, 2nd place // NSSEA Ed EXPO, USA

Alistar- your art came out great! We love it and have loved working with you!

- Mel Brown // CEO-Creative Director
Crocodile Creek // Durham, NC // USA

Thanks for the maps Alistar! The main comment is that... they are LOVELY! We are all happy with them, and people have been stopping by our desks where we have printed them out to check them just to say how beautiful they are!
Many thanks Alistar!

- Sophia Matthew // Senior Art Editor
Oxford University Press // Oxford, UK

Alistar is one of those brilliant artists who combines her unique style, excellent technique, sense of humor and imagination of a kid in her works.
She's highly professional and particular in every detail that makes the book illustrated by her really lively and marvelous. Every time I feel so excited the moment before I open a new attached file from Alistar because I know that I'm going to see something colourful and absolutely fantastic!

- Snejana Botenovskaya // Art Manager
AZ Books International // Tallin, ESTONIA

Thank you Alistar!
Everyone love your sketches
they have a lot of charm and energy! The children are going to enjoy your Art!

- Suzanne Beck // Art Director
Babybug Magazine// Chicago, USA

This was our first experience, as European Researcher, in writing a lift-the-flaps book for children. We had the need to close the book in just a few months and we didn’t have a clear idea in mind, neither on how the story would have been, nor the characters. Alistar worked closely with us, with curiosity and professionalism around the theme, stimulating a creative debate towards many topics.
The result is what we dreamed of !

- Chiara Pocaterra // Head of Projects Department //
APRE - Agency for the Promotion of European Research

- Susanna Albertini // FVA - New media Research